Hazard Painting

These humorous guys have been best friends for almost 30 years, and today they are the proud owners of Hazard Painting! Some would think they're twins, but they're really just the effects of an honest and supportive friendship!

Jason resides in Oceanside with his two very energetic boys and his lovely wife. 

Travis resides in Valley Center, and just like Jason, he also has two wild boys and an amazing wife!


Jason & Travis


It All Began in 2001 

Since our humble beginnings over 15 years ago, our reputation as a painting company has been of efficient customer service, dependability, and high quality painting, which is why we are considered the premier choice for your area.

We are an expert interior and exterior painting company that specializes in top quality house and commercial painting, with a majority of our work in the higher-end residential market.

We have a distinct advantage over other companies who offer multiple home improvement services because we are a painting company only. Focused local house painters like ours deliver on our promises because we don't try to be all things to all people, so we are able to deliver the high level of quality that is appreciated by most homeowners.

We work with you every step of the way for successful completion of your project. Your home may be the single most important investment you will ever make and we hope you realize that hiring the right painting service is critical to the outcome and quality of your painting projects. Our personal service is unmatched in our profession, and this is what enables us to get the abundance of referrals we do!

LLC; CSLB License # 987518